Activity Tracking for Business

Welcome to EZTrackers.com! EZTrackers.com is the home for your team's internal project tracking needs. If are looking for a way to track your team's projects, EZTrackers.com can simplify the task through its easy-to-use, but powerful web-based interface.

Our EZTracker can replace your awkward spreadsheet-based, notebook, or other method of recording your department's projects and give you increased functionality like daily status reports, management of repeating tasks, time-tracking, and more. This tool provides the scheduling ability, management reporting, and flexibility to document and track the progress of all your activities.

EZTracker allows you to better understand and react to your customers' needs. Your analysts record information about your customers, the types of activities performed, and the time taken to complete the request. This information allows you to better understand how (and by whom) your team's time is used. All of this helps to make your group more efficient and you more effective!

EZTrackers.com is serious software for your workgroup!

If you would like more information or a a free 30-day trial, please contact us by email.

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